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Monitoring for adaptive management in a trial reintroduction of the black-footed rock-wallaby Petrogale lateralis


Based on: West R., Read J.L., Ward M.J., Foster W.K. & Taggart D.A. (2017)

Using canopy bridges to link habitat for arboreal mammals: successful trials in the wet tropics of Queensland

Australian Mammalogy

Based on: Weston N., Goosem M., Marsh H., Cohen M. & Wilson R. (2011)

Northern Yellowstone elk after wolf restoration

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: White P.J. & Garrott R.A. (2005)

Evaluation of Hot Sauce® as a repellent for forest mammals

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Wagner K.K. & Nolte D.L. (2000)

The restoration of desert bighorn sheep in the Southwest,1951–2007: factors influencing success

Desert Bighorn Council Transactions

Based on: Wakeling B., Lee R., Brown D., Thompson R., Tluczek M. & Weisenberger M. (2009)

Elk, mule deer, and cattle habitats in central Arizona

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Wallace M.C. & Krausman P.R. (1987)

Mule deer behavior in relation to fencing and underpasses on Interstate 80 in Wyoming

Transportation Research Record

Based on: Ward A.L. (1982)

Effectiveness of deer repellents in Connecticut

Human Wildlife Interactions

Based on: Ward J.S. & Williams S.C. (2010)

White-tailed deer roadside behavior, wildlife warning reflectors and highway mortality

Applied Animal Behaviour Science

Based on: Waring G.H., Griffis J.L. & Vaughn M.E. (1991)

Deer guards and bump gates for excluding white-tailed deer from fenced resources

Human Wildlife Interactions

Based on: VerCauteren K.C., Seward N.W., Lavelle M.J., Fischer J.W. & Phillips G.E. (2009)

Efficacy of an animal-activated frightening device on urban elk and mule deer

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: VerCauteren K.C., Shivik J.A. & Lavelle M.J. (2005)

Do dry ledges reduce the barrier effect of roads?

Ecological Engineering

Based on: Villalva P., Reto D., Santos-Reis M., Revilla E. & Grilo C. (2013)

There is no place like home: high homing rate and increased mortality after translocation of a small mammal

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Villaseñor N., Escobar M.H. & Estades C. (2013)

The European Breeding Program (EEP) for Lutra lutra: its chances and problems

Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy (English, 1994-)

Based on: Vogt P. (1995)

Achieving success with small, translocated mammal populations

Conservation Letters

Based on: Van Houtan K.S., Halley J.M., van Aarde R. & Pimm S.L. (2009)

Effects of grazing management on biodiversity across trophic levels – the importance of livestock species and stocking density in salt marshes

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: van Klink R., Nolte S., Mandema F.S., Lagendijk D.D.G., Wallis De Vries M.F., Bakker J.P., Esselink P. & Smit C. (2016)

The use of a motorway wildlife overpass by large mammals

Netherlands Journal of Zoology

Based on: van Wieren S.E. & Worm P.B. (2001)

Large mammal use of protected and community-managed lands in a biodiversity hotspot

Animal Conservation

Based on: Velho N., Srinivasan U., Singh P. & Laurance W.F. (2016)

Notes on the introduction of Cape buffalo to Doornkloof Nature Reserve, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

South African Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Venter J.A. (2004)

Red lasers are ineffective for dispersing deer at night

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: VerCauteren K.C., Hygnstrom S.E., Pipas M.J., Fioranelli P.B., Werner S.J. & Blackwell B.F. (2003)

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