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Action: Use greentree reservoir management Bird Conservation

Key messages

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A site comparison study from the USA found significantly lower numbers of breeding mid- and under-storey birds at a greentree reservoir site than at a control site. Canopy nesting species were not affected. The species investigated were not gamebirds or wildfowl.


Supporting evidence from individual studies


In eastern Arkansas, USA, a site comparison study found significant differences in relative abundances of 12 of 28 non-gamebird species between a greentree site and an adjacent control area (Christman 1984). Singing birds were surveyed in the 1980-1981 breeding seasons. Greentree reservoir management reduced understory vegetation and bird species that are primarily understory foragers were absent or at lower frequencies, and nesting opportunities for ground- or understorey- nesting species were reduced, compared to the control. Canopy-foraging species were not affected. There were overall fewer breeding species and bird abundance was lower at the greentree reservoir site.


Referenced papers

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