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Individual study: Can Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) grow on diets devoid of fish meal?

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Espe M., Lemme A., Petri A. & El-Mowafi A. (2006) Can Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) grow on diets devoid of fish meal? Aquaculture, 255, 255-262

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Use an alternative protein source: plant-based Sustainable Aquaculture

In 2002, a randomised, replicated, controlled study in Norway (Espe et al., 2006) identified slower growth rates in salmon, Salmo salar, fed three plant-based protein diets compared to a control diet containing fish meal. This was attributed to a reduced intake of the plant-based feed. Feed conversion ratios did not differ. Flesh fat content was higher in salmon fed the fish meal-based diets. Over three months, groups of 40 salmon were fed one of four diets: a reference diet containing 49% fish meal and three diets containing 5% solubilised fish protein and different levels of plant protein coming from plants. Growth rates were 0.97, 0.87, 0.86 and 0.87, respectively. Salmon were fed using automated feeders. Growth rates, feed conversion ratios and flesh fat content were measured.