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Individual study: Provision of nest boxes for European rollers Coracias garrulus in agricultural habitats of the Serena region of Extremadura, Spain

Published source details

Avilés J.M. & Parejo D. (2004) Farming practices and roller Coracias garrulus conservation in south-west Spain. Bird Conservation International, 14, 173-181

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Provide artificial nesting sites for rollers Bird Conservation

A before-and-after study in agricultural habitats in Extramadura, Spain (Avilés & Parejo 2004), found that the number of European rollers Coracias garrulus using artificial nest boxes increased from 29 in 1988 (76% of the 38 boxes available) to 350 in 1991 (55% of 641 available boxes). Nest boxes use varied with habitat: from 68% use in unwooded pasture (256 boxes available) to only 34% in cereal fields with holm oaks (32 boxes). Nest boxes were the same design as in Avilés et al. 2000.