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Individual study: Use of wicker nesting baskets by long-eared owls Asio otus, Woodwalton Fen NNR, Cambridgeshire, England

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Garner D.J. & Milne B.S. (1998) A study of the long-eared owl Asio otus using wicker nesting baskets. Bird Study, 45, 62-67

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Provide artificial nesting sites for owls Bird Conservation

A replicated study in 1981-96 in a reed-dominated wetland site in Cambridgeshire, England (Garner & Milne 1998), found that long-eared owls Asio otus readily used two designs of wicker baskets, with 77 nesting attempts over the study period. Of the 71 nest monitored, 42 (59%) hatched eggs and 36 (51%) fledged at least one chick. Between one and nine baskets were used each year, with three to 23 baskets available. It was not possible to confirm whether the apparent population increase was genuine or caused by owls switching from natural nest sites. Baskets were either local ‘fruit-picker’ baskets or dog baskets (30 cm diameter and 15 cm deep) and replaced every 4-5 years. Baskets were placed in trees, mostly hawthorn, 3.5-5.0 m above the ground.