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Individual study: Nest box provision for stripe-breasted tit Parus fasciiventer in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Ruhija, Uganda

Published source details

Perrins C. (1997) Stripe-breasted tits use nest boxes. African Bird Club Bulletin, 4, 67-68

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Provide artificial nesting sites for songbirds Bird Conservation

A replicated study in tropical forest in Kanungu District, Uganda (Perrins 1997), found that two or three nest boxes provided in March-April 1996 were used by stripe-breasted tits Parus fasciiventer for nesting, hatching one or two chicks each. Fledging success was unknown and no boxes were used in 1997. Boxes were wooden, 30 cm deep and attached 3-10 m up in trees.