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Individual study: Relocation of nest boxes reduces nest predation by pine marten Martes martes on the Castelporziano Estate, Italy

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Sorace A., Petrassi F. & Consiglio C. (2004) Long-distance relocation of nestboxes reduces nest predation by pine marten Martes martes. Bird Study, 51, 119-124

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Reduce predation by translocating nest boxes Bird Conservation

A replicated, controlled study from 1995-1998 in oak Quercus spp. forests in west central Italy (Sorace et al. 2004) found that predation on nest boxes by European pine martins Martes martes increased significantly with age, with 76% of clutches being predated when boxes were six years old. Relocating nest boxes to 800-2000 m away significantly reduced predation rates, compared to nest boxes moved by approximately 100 m (10 of 188 clutches and 37 of 147 clutches predated respectively).