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Individual study: Artificial dens for raccoons

Published source details

Stuewer F.W. (1948) Artificial dens for raccoons. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 12, 296-301

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Provide artificial dens or nest boxes on trees Terrestrial Mammal Conservation

A study in 1940–1947 in a forest site in Michigan, USA (Stuewer 1948) found that artificial dens were used by raccoons Procyon lotor. Over the four years that 15 dens were monitored, 2–13 of them showed signs of being occupied by racoons. Fifteen dens were made of wood and measured 36 × 36 × 31 cm, with entrances measuring 10 × 15 cm. Dens were attached to trees in July 1940, at 7.5–12 m high. They were inspected for signs of racoon use in August, October, and November 1940, May 1941, June 1946, and June 1947.

(Summarised by Laura Bennett )