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Individual study: The red lechwe of Busanga Plain, Zambia — a conservation success

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Howard G.W. & Chabwela H.N. (1987) The red lechwe of Busanga Plain, Zambia — a conservation success. Oryx, 21, 233-235

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Legally protect habitat for mammals Terrestrial Mammal Conservation

A review of the Kafue National Park in Zambia (Howard & Chabwela 1987) found that following establishment of a national park, the population of red lechwe Kobus leche leche increased. In 1950, when the national park was established, there were approximately 100 red lechwe. By 1985, the population was estimated at 3,400 animals. Methods used by studies to estimate the population in 1950 were not given but, in 1985, a study used aerial surveys to determine abundance.

(Summarised by Phil Martin)