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Individual study: Response of gray squirrels to nest boxes at Remington Farms, Maryland

Published source details

Burger G.V. (1969) Response of gray squirrels to nest boxes at Remington Farms, Maryland. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 33, 796-801

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Provide artificial dens or nest boxes on trees Terrestrial Mammal Conservation

A replicated, controlled, before-and-after study in 1963–1965 of a forest in Maryland, USA (Burger 1969) found that areas with artificial dens had more gray squirrels Sciurus carolinensis than did areas without dens. No statistical analyses were performed. There were more gray squirrels after dens were installed (1.0–1.8 squirrels/acre) than before installation (0.6–0.9 squirrels/acre). Numbers were stable through this period in plots where dens were not installed (0.8–0.9 squirrels/acre over two years in one plot and 1.0–1.2 squirrels/acre over three years in another). Squirrels were surveyed by live-trapping in five woodland plots (9.5–26 acres extent) in January–February. Three plots were sampled in 1963 and all five in 1964 and 1965. Artificial dens (one den/1.25 acres) were attached to trees in one plot after surveys in 1963 and in two plots after surveys in 1964. Dens comprised half a car tyre, folded and fastened into a kidney-shaped box, with an entrance at the top.

(Summarised by Nick Littlewood)