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Individual study: The effect of provenance on the performance of hawthorn Crataegus monogyna in hedges at Pwllperian Research Centre, Cardiganshire, Wales

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Jones A.T., Hayes M.J. & Hamilton N.R.S. (2001) The effect of provenance on the performance of Crataegus monogyna in hedges. Journal of Applied Ecology, 38, 952-962

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Plant new hedges Farmland Conservation

A randomized, replicated small-scale study from 1995 to 1997 in mid-Wales (Jones et al. 2001) found that hawthorn Crataegus monogyna plants, propagated from seeds sourced from a local hawthorn population (local provenance), exhibited better growth and had a more stock proof growth form than those of eight other provenances. Local plants had the latest bud-burst, least severe mildew symptoms and more thorns compared to those of other provenances (four British, four continental European). Hawthorn of local provenance grew tallest at the upland site, but was relatively slow-growing at the lowland site. In terms of establishment, fenced plots had lower hawthorn mortality than unfenced, sheep-grazed plots (4% vs 100% mortality respectively) at the upland site. Mortality was low at the lowland site (fenced: 1%, unfenced: 3%). Fenced plots with mulching had approximately 320% greater growth than unmulched sections. One experimental hedge was established at one upland and one lowland site, both sites were grazed by sheep. The two hedges had three replicate blocks of four 10 m strips that were either fenced, mulched or fenced and mulched. Within each strip, nine plants of each provenance were planted in a random order in 1995. Each plant was measured (February 1995-1997), scored for powdery mildew Podosphaera clandestina (July and August) and the date of bud burst was recorded (1995-1996).