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Individual study: Response of freshwater macroinvertebrates to hay addition at Nedre Råggärdet Lake, central Sweden

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Andersson A. & Danell K. (1982) Response of freshwater macroinvertebrates to addition of terrestrial plant litter. Journal of Applied Ecology, 19, 319-325

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Provide supplementary food through the establishment of food populations Bird Conservation

A study in a small (1.4 ha) artificial lake in central Sweden between 1978 and 1980 (Andersson & Danell 1982) added wheat straw and hay to the lake in an attempt to boost macroinvertebrate biomass and wildfowl numbers. However, the number of wildfowl did not appear to be affected by the addition and there was little change in invertebrate biomass. The authors suggest that high populations of invertebrate predators were responsible for the lack of change.