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Individual study: Bat boxes are not a silver bullet conservation tool

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Griffiths S.R., Bender R., Godinho L.N., Lentini P.E., Lumsden L.F. & Robert K.A. (2017) Bat boxes are not a silver bullet conservation tool. Mammal Review, 47, 261-265

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Provide bat boxes for roosting bats Bat Conservation

A replicated study in 1994–2016 at four sites of regenerating forest in Melbourne, Australia (Griffiths et al. 2017) found that bat boxes were used more than expected by one bat species, whereas 12 bat species made little or no use of them. Gould’s wattled bat Chalinolobus gouldii used bat boxes 72% more than expected based on its documented occurrence in the area. The species formed maternity groups in bat boxes at all four sites. Seven bat species used bat boxes infrequently and less than expected. Five bat species did not use bat boxes at all. A total of 126 bat boxes of nine designs were installed on trees 4–6 m above the ground at four sites (20–40 boxes/site). Bat box checks were carried out monthly or bi-monthly over 5–22 years/site. A total of 444 surveys were carried out across all four sites.

(Summarised by Anna Berthinussen)