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Individual study: The differential response of vegetation to grip blocking

Published source details

Armstrong A., Holden J. & Stevens C. (2008) The differential response of vegetation to grip blocking. Report to North Pennines AONB report.

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Fill/block ditches to create conditions suitable for peatland plants (without planting) Peatland Conservation

A replicated study in 2006 in a blanket bog in England, UK (Armstrong et al. 2008) reported that drainage ditches blocked with peat developed some vegetation cover but were mostly bare peat. All five blocked drainage ditches developed some vegetation cover, although total vegetation cover was <50% in four of them. Across all five ditches, cover of common cottongrass Eriophorum angustifolium was 5–30%.Cover of Sphagnum moss was <1–20%. One ditch (also recently burned) had 60% cover of heather Calluna vulgaris. The study noted correlations between vegetation cover, slope and soil/water chemistry. In January 2003, five ditches were blocked with peat sods. Vegetation cover was estimated in spring 2006 (A. Armstrong pers. comm.).

(Summarised by Nigel Taylor)