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Individual study: Lowland forest loss in protected areas of Indonesian Borneo

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Curran L.M., Trigg S.N. & McDonald A.K. (2004) Lowland forest loss in protected areas of Indonesian Borneo. Science, 303, 1000-1003

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Legally protect peatlands Peatland Conservation

A study in 1990–2004 of a national park in Indonesia, including peat swamp and lowland forest (Curran et al. 2004) reported that legal protection did not prevent deforestation. Gunung Palung National Park was designated in 1990. The rate of forest loss within the national park increased from 1,200 ha/year in 1994 to 9,000 ha/year in 2002. These estimates cover both lowland forest (on non-peat soils) and peat swamp forest, but deforestation did occur in both forest types (data presented as maps). Forest cover in the national park was mapped using satellite images (30 m resolution) taken between 1994 and 2002. Land cover classification was validated using finer resolution satellite images, aerial photographs and field surveys.

(Summarised by Nigel Taylor)