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Individual study: Growth performance of three indigenous tree species planted in Klias Peat Swamp Forest, Malaysia

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Mojol A.R., Wahyudi W. & Nasly N. (2014) Growth performance of three indigenous tree species (Cratoxylum arborescens Vahl. Blume, Alstonia spathulata Blume, and Stemonurus scorpioides Becc.) plated at burned area in Klias Peat Swamp Forest, Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia. Journal of Wetlands Environmental Management, 2, 66-78

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Directly plant peatland trees/shrubs Peatland Conservation

A replicated before-and-after study in 2007 in a burned peat swamp forest in Sabah, Malaysia (Mojol et al. 2014) reported that two of three planted tree species survived and grew in height and diameter over 10 weeks. Of 15 planted geronggang Cratoxylum arborescens seedlings, 93% survived. For pulai Alstonia spathulata, survival was 87%. For katok Stemonurus scorpioides, survival was 0%. Geronggang seedlings increased in height by 24 cm and diameter by 2.8 mm. Pulai seedlings increased in height by 9 cm and diameter by 1.9 mm. In September 2007, three burned plots were planted with 45 seedlings (15 seedlings of each species, mixed together but 3 m apart). Survival, height and diameter of seedlings were measured over 10 weeks after planting.

(Summarised by Nigel Taylor)