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Individual study: Educational activities in the Republic of Congo

Published source details

Mathot L. & Puit M. (2008) Educational activities in the Republic of Congo. Gorilla Journal, 36, 20-22

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Implement multimedia campaigns using theatre, film, print media, discussions Primate Conservation

A study in 2008 in communities surrounding the Lésio-Louna Wildlife Reserve, Republic of Congo reported that through multimedia campaigns using theatre and film, a large audience of people was informed about lowland gorilla Gorilla gorilla gorilla protection laws and their status of protection. Conservation awareness programmes in nine schools reached nearly 1,000 students and trained 300 police officers via films and theatre plays addressing protection laws regarding great apes among other species. An awareness campaign at the Rural Development Institute was attended by 63 students. Also, nearly 1,300 people visited an exhibition about threats facing great apes; 770 students of primary schools were given a guided tour. Sixty people attended the conference of lawyers which addressed wildlife law enforcement issues in Central Africa. No statistical tests were carried out to determine whether there was a significant change of awareness towards primate conservation before and after the intervention was implemented. Regularly broadcasted national radio announcements and films reached a large audience of people and informing them about gorilla conservation needs and current conservation actions. No data were provided on the impact of the education campaign on the species’ conservation.