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Individual study: Regeneration of grassy fynbos near Grahamstown (eastern Cape) after fire

Published source details

Richardson G.R., Lubke R.A. & Guilarmod A.J. (1984) Regeneration of grassy fynbos near Grahamstown (eastern Cape) after fire. South African Journal of Botany, 3, 153-162

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Allow shrubland to regenerate without active management Shrubland and Heathland Conservation

A before-and-after trial in 1980–1981 in grassy fynbos habitat previously affected by fire in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa (Richardson et al. 1984) found that allowing recovery of vegetation without any active restoration increased the abundance of three of twenty plant species. After one year, three of twenty plant species had higher abundance (3–12 plants/m2) than immediately after the fire (2–6 plants/m2). In August 1980 fire burned the majority of the site. Twelve 1 m2 quadrats were placed at the site and abundance of plants was recorded every month between December 1980 and December 1981.

(Summarised by Phil Martin)