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Individual study: Chemical Fertilization of Fourwing Saltbush

Published source details

Williams S.E. & O'Connor G.A. (1973) Chemical Fertilization of Fourwing Saltbush. Journal of Range Management, 26, 379-380-380

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Add fertilizer to soil (alongside planting/seeding) Shrubland and Heathland Conservation

A controlled study in 1972 in a greenhouse in New Mexico, USA (Williams & O'Connor 1973) found that adding fertilizer increased the biomass of four-wing saltbush Atriplex canescens in two of three cases. In two of three cases when fertilizer was added the biomass of four-wing saltbush was higher (149–175 mg) than when fertilizer was not added (73–86 mg). Soil was collected from nearby shrublands and local gardens. Soil from shrublands was used to fill 24 pots and soil from gardens was used in 12 pots. Fertilizer was added to half of the pots while the other half were left unfertilized. One hundred four-wing saltbush seeds/plot were added and these were later thinned so that there were nine plants/pot. After 97 days plants were harvested, dried, and biomass calculated.

(Summarised by Phil Martin)