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Individual study: A pole bridge to avoid primate road kills.

Published source details

Valladares-Padua C.B., Cullen L.J. & Padua S.M. (1995) A pole bridge to avoid primate road kills. Neotropical Primates, 3, 13-15

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Install rope or pole (canopy) bridges Primate Conservation

A study in 1991-1994 in an Atlantic coastal forest in São Paulo State, Brazil found that black lion tamarins Leontopithecus chrysopygus and tufted capuchins Cebus apella used a pole bridge to cross a service road on at least 40 occasions over 3.5 years. From the installation of the bridge in 1991 to the end of 1994, two groups of black lion tamarins and one large group of capuchins were recorded using the bridge on at least 40 occasions. The authors suggested that the groups may have used the bridge regularly, possibly daily. The bridge was installed exactly where black lion tamarins had been observed crossing the road during a long-term primate study that was conducted in the area before. The bridge was 8 m wide and 6 m high and connected naturally forested habitat on both sides of the road.

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