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Individual study: Differing Effects of Cattle Grazing on Native and Alien Plants

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Kimball S. & Schiffman P.M. (2003) Differing Effects of Cattle Grazing on Native and Alien Plants. Conservation Biology, 17, 1681-1693

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Other biodiversity: Exclude grazers Mediterranean Farmland

A site comparison in 2001 in grassland in southern California, USA, found more native plant species and lower cover of non-native plants in an area with cattle excluded, compared to a grazed area. Plants: More plant species were found in an area of grassland from which cattle were excluded, compared to a grazed area (24 vs 12 species), and one less non-native species was found in the ungrazed area (5 vs 6). Cover of non-native species was lower in the ungrazed area, compared to the grazed area (57% vs 75%), but the cover of native plants did not differ (49% vs 46%). Methods: In 1990, a fence was used to exclude cattle from one area of a grazed grassland. In April 2001, plants were recorded in 1,000 points on each side of the fence.