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Individual study: Private lands habitat programs benefit California's native birds

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DiGaudio R.T., Kreitinger K.E., Hickey C.M., Seavy N.E. & Gardali T. (2015) Private lands habitat programs benefit California's native birds. California Agriculture, 69, 210-220

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Other biodiversity: Restore habitat along watercourses Mediterranean Farmland

A replicated site comparison in 2004–2009 in 33 restored riparian sites in the Central Valley and North Coast, California, USA, found more bird species in older restored plots, compared to younger restored plots. Implementation options: The number of bird species increased as restoration sites matured. For each year after restoration, the number of bird species increased by 0.4 in the Central Valley and 0.5 in the North Coast regions. Methods: Bird surveys were conducted in April–June in restored riparian plots (0.33–10 acres; 0–20 years after restoration; Central Valley: 18 sites; North Coast: 15 sites). Restoration included excluding grazers and planting native riparian vegetation. In the Central Valley, there were two surveys (152 points, 200 m apart) in the breeding seasons in 2004–2008. Birds heard and seen within 50 m of the points were recorded. On the North Coast, there were 2–3 surveys (area searches, 0.33–10 acres), at least 10 days apart, for 20 mins each, in 2001–2002, 2004–2005, and 2009.