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Individual study: PM 9/19 (1) Invasive alien aquatic plants

Published source details

EPPO . (2014) PM 9/19 (1) Invasive alien aquatic plants. Bulletin OEPP, 44, 457-471

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Crassula helmsii: Use salt water to kill plants Control of Freshwater Invasive Species

A before-and-after trial in a coastal grazing marsh in Hampshire, UK (EPPO 2014) reported that inundation with salt water nearly eradicated C. helmsii, although no statistical tests were carried out. One year after the seawater treatment, 99% of C. helmsii had been killed. The plant only remained in places not reached by the seawater. Two years after the treatment the salt level had reduced to 2 ppt, but the original flora had not returned. The site was flooded with seawater in July 2008 and then naturally filled with rainwater in autumn 2008. C. helmsii cover was assessed in 2009. No details about the depth of flooding or size of site were provided.