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Individual study: Responses of ground flora to a gradient of harvest intensity in the Missouri Ozarks

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Zenner E.K., Kabrick J.M., Jensen R.G., Peck J.E. & Grabner J.K. (2006) Responses of ground flora to a gradient of harvest intensity in the Missouri Ozarks. Forest Ecology and Management, 222, 326-334

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Use clearcutting to increase understory diversity Forest Conservation

A replicated, controlled, before-and-after study in 1994-2000 in temperate broadleaf forest in Missouri, USA (Zenner et al. 2006) found that cutting increased plant species richness and ground vegetation cover. Change in plant species richness was the greatest in clearcut, higher in group than single tree selection plots, and the lowest (and negative) in unthinned plots (clearcut: 21; group-selection: 12; single-tree-selection: 3; thinning: 7; unthinned: -3). Change in ground vegetation cover was the greatest in clearcut and the lowest in unthinned plots (clearcut: 43%; group selection: 17%; single tree selection: 10%; thinning: 9%; unthinned: 0%). Data were collected in 1994-1995 (before treatment) and in 1999-2000 (after treatment) in 45 group selection, 79 single tree selection and 36 thinning plots (25% trees reduction in all), and in 24 clearcut and 236 control plots (0.2 ha). Treatments were applied in 1996-1997.