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Individual study: Effects of prescribed burning on hazel in Minnesota

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Buckman R.E. (1964) Effects of prescribed burning on hazel in Minnesota. Ecology, 45

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Use prescribed fire: effect on understory plants Forest Conservation

A replicated, controlled study in 1957-1964 in temperate coniferous forest in Minnesota, USA (Buckman 1964) found that annual and biannual spring but not summer prescribed fires increased the number of regenerating hazel Corylus spp. stems. Numbers of stems was higher in annual and biannual spring (annual: 38,445; biannual: 30,109/ha) than annual and biannual summer (annual: 3,845; biannual: 13,840) and unburned plots (8,741/ha).  The density in single burn plots (single spring: 16,349; single summer: 16,956) was similar to all other treatments. Four plots (~2.5 ha) of each of seven treatments were established in 1957-1960: spring and summer fires carried out: annually, biennially or just once (single) and control (unburned). Data were collected four years after the beginning of the treatment in each plot.