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Individual study: Understory dynamics in cut and uncut western juniper woodlands

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Bates J.D., Miller R.F. & Svejcar T.J. (2000) Understory dynamics in cut and uncut western juniper woodlands. Journal of Range Management, 119-126

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Log/remove trees within forests: effects on understory plants Forest Conservation

A replicated, randomized, controlled study in 1991-1993 in temperate coniferous forest in Oregon USA (Bates, Miller & Svejcar 2000) found that cutting western juniper Juniperus occidentalis trees increased total biomass and cover of understory perennial plants. The total biomass of understory perennial plants (cut: 329 kg/ha; uncut: 38 kg/ha) and their cover (cut: 4.3-4.8%; uncut: 1.4-1.5%) was higher in cut plots. In 1993, total biomass was sampled at 3 m intervals with 1 m2 quadrats along two 45 m transects. Cover of perennial plants was measured along five 30.5 m line transects in each plot of eight pairs of cut (all juniper trees were cut down in 1991) and uncut 0.4 ha plots.