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Individual study: Soil erosion on Alfisols in Western Nigeria, II. Effects of mulch rates

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Lal R. (1976) Soil erosion on Alfisols in Western Nigeria, II. Effects of mulch rates. Geoderma, 16, 377-387

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Add mulch to crops Soil Fertility

A controlled, replicated experiment in 1970-1974 on sandy-clay to clay soil in Nigeria (Lal, 1976), found runoff was lowest under 6 t/ha straw mulch (2% of total annual rainfall), then 4 t/ha (4%) and 2 t/ha (10), compared to no mulch (50%). Soil loss from rainstorms where more than 25 mm fell was lowest under 6 t/ha mulch (0.4 kg/ha), then 4 t/ha (2 kg/ha) and 2 t/ha (16 kg/ha), compared to no mulch (143 kg/ha). Slopes of 1, 5, 10 and 15% received the following treatments: no mulch, 2, 4, and 6 t/ha straw mulch. Plots were 25 x 4 m and were replicated five times on each slope. Plots were ploughed, harrowed and mulched at the beginning of each growing season. Soil and runoff water was collected from each plot after every rainstorm using a water collection system below ground level downslope of the plots.