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Individual study: Pest management permits pesticide use to be reduced

Published source details

Umarov S. & Tajibayev M. (1983) Pest management permits pesticide use to be reduced. 10th International Congress of Plant Protection: Plant Protection for Human Welfare, 20-25 November, 1983, Brighton, UK, Vol 1, 1B-R35.

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Use pesticides only when pests or crop damage reach threshold levels Natural Pest Control

A trial in Yavan, Tajikistan (Umarov & Tajibayev 1983) reported that spraying regimes based on thresholds of economic damage by pests favoured the build-up of natural enemy numbers in cotton Gossypium sp. crops. Up to 1,000 natural enemy insects were recorded per 100 plants in some instances, but more typical numbers were not presented. Farms using the threshold-based spraying regime applied pesticides to only 25-30% of cropped land, reportedly much less than on neighbouring farms. This conference abstract provided no details of experimental study design or the pesticide used.