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Individual study: Conserving the Panamanian golden frog: Proyecto Rana Dorada

Published source details

Zippel K.C. (2002) Conserving the Panamanian golden frog: Proyecto Rana Dorada. Herpetological Review, 33, 11–12

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Captive breeding harlequin toads (Atelopus species) Amphibian Conservation

A replicated study of captive Panamanian golden frogs Atelopus zeteki in the USA (Zippel 2002) found that the frogs bred successfully in captivity. Hundreds of offspring were bred in captivity and sent to other zoos in the breeding programme. Small assurance populations of the species were maintained and bred in case of extinction in the wild from threats that included chytridiomycosis. Captive-bred frogs were to be released if wild populations became extinct.