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Individual study: A created wetland had a similar amphibian and reptile diversity to an adjacent natural forest in Maryland, USA

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Toure T.A. & Middendorf G.A. (2002) Colonization of herpetofauna to a created wetland. Bulletin of the Maryland Herpetological Society, 38, 99-117

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Create wetland Amphibian Conservation

A site comparison study in 1995–1996 of a created wetland in Maryland, USA (Toure & Middendorf 2002) found that all but one amphibian species present in an adjacent forest were recorded in the created wetland. Spotted salamander Ambystoma maculatum was the only species not recorded in the wetland. Nine of the species were recorded in all four wetland terraces created. The 52 ha wetland was constructed in four terraces and was surrounded by regenerating forest. Monitoring was undertaken in March–September 1995–1996 using transects, call counts, drift-fencing with pitfall and funnel traps and dip-netting. The adjacent forest was used as a reference site.