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Individual study: A review of wildlife use of 329 crossing structures in Australia, Europe and North America

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Taylor B.D. & Goldingay R.L. (2010) Roads and wildlife: impacts, mitigation and implications for wildlife management in Australia. Wildlife Research, 37, 320-331

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Install culverts or tunnels as road crossings Amphibian Conservation

A review in 2010 of studies monitoring 327 road crossing structures in Australia, Europe and North America (Taylor & Goldingay 2010) found that amphibians used crossing structures in 12 of 14 studies. Amphibians used drainage culverts in four of five studies, adapted culverts in all three studies and pipes in both studies they were monitored. Wildlife underpasses, bridge underpasses and overpasses were used in the one study that monitored each. Amphibians did not use the one wildlife overpass monitored. Fourteen of the 30 published papers investigated multiple structure types, which resulted in a total of 52 studies of different structure types.