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Individual study: The Tarahumara frog: return of a native

Published source details

Rorabaugh J. & Humphrey J. (2002) The Tarahumara frog: return of a native. Endangered Species Bulletin, 27, 24-26

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Captive breeding frogs Amphibian Conservation

A replicated study in 2000–2001 of captive tarahumara frogs Rana tarahumarae in southern Arizona, USA (Rorabaugh & Humphrey 2002) found that some frogs bred successfully at one of the captive breeding facilities. Wild collected eggs hatched successfully and many of the metamorphosed frogs survived to adulthood. In May 2000, part of an egg mass was collected from the wild in northern Mexico. Eggs were taken to a captive facility in Arizona and after hatching divided between at least six facilities.