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Individual study: Amphibans and reptiles rapidly colonised constructed wetlands and restored surrounding terrestrial habitat in southern Illinois, USA

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Palis J.G. (2007) If you build it, they will come: herpetofaunal colonization of constructed wetlands and adjacent terrestrial habitat in the Cache River drainage of southern Illinois. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science, 100, 177-189

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Create wetland Amphibian Conservation

A before-and-after study in 2000–2004 of constructed wetlands in southern Illinois, USA (Palis 2007) found that amphibians rapidly colonized wetlands and restored surrounding terrestrial habitat. A total of 17 species were recorded with one new species each year. There were 12–15 species and 5,216–8,462 animals recorded at each wetland. Wetlands were created in 1999–2000 by enclosing water behind earth dams at the end of valleys. Hardwood tree seedlings were also planted. Wetlands were surveyed in April–June each year. Monitoring was undertaken using drift-fencing (four/wetland and three/adjacent habitat) with funnel traps (4/fence), artificial coverboards (0.7 m2), visual encounter surveys, dip-netting and frog call surveys.