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Individual study: Rotenone and its use in eradication of undesirable fish from ponds

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Haque K.A. (1971) Rotenone and its use in eradication of undesirable fish from ponds. Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 14, 385-387

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Remove or control fish using rotenone Amphibian Conservation

A replicated, before-and-after study in 1970 of three ponds in Mymensingh, Pakistan (Haque 1971) found that rotenone treatment to eradicate fish resulted in death of frogs. It was reported that many frogs died following application of rotenone, but that a similar number escaped death by moving to the shore. Fish were affected within 5 minutes of application. Approximately 110 kg of fish were removed from the ponds. There was no significant difference between the effects of the three treatment concentrations. Rotenone was added to three ponds in concentrations of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 parts per million in May 1970. Fish were collected and ponds monitored for two days following treatment.