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Individual study: 2010 Overview

Published source details

FrogWatch USA . (2010) 2010 Overview. Association of Zoos & Aquariums report.

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Engage volunteers to collect amphibian data (citizen science) Amphibian Conservation

A study in 1998–2010 of the FrogWatch USA citizen science programme (FrogWatch USA 2010) found that there were 10,506 registered volunteers and 20 organizations hosting FrogWatch groups in 16 states. Roughly a quarter of registered volunteers submitted data in 1998–2010 (17–43% per state). Monitoring of amphibians was undertaken at 7,872 sites by volunteers, with up to 591 visits/site. The project was run by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, following standardized protocols that had been used since 1998. The project encouraged individuals and communities to learn about wetlands and help conserve amphibians by training volunteers to listen and report breeding calls of frogs and toads in local wetlands. Host institution coordinators were trained and then recruited, trained and supported local groups of volunteers. All resources and materials were available on the website. Data were used to help develop practical strategies for conservation.