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Individual study: The recovery program for the Houston Toad

Published source details

Crump P. (2012) The recovery program for the Houston Toad. Amphibian Ark Newsletter, 21, 13-14

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Engage landowners and other volunteers to manage land for amphibians Amphibian Conservation

A study in 2012 of a Houston toad Anaxyrus houstonensis project in Texas, USA (Crump 2012) found that landowners attended a workshop and became involved in habitat restoration and protection. Over 200 landowners attended a workshop on wildlife, woodlands and drought. At least 25 landowners (2,000 ha) expressed interest in the project and participated in some form of restoration and stewardship effort for toad habitat. In 2012, a workshop was hosted for landowners, who owned the majority of remaining habitat for the toads. Topics included forest resiliency, wildlife management, Houston toad ecology and landowner cost-share and assistance programmes.