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Individual study: Breeding the Colombian giant toad Bufo blombergi at Brownsville Zoo

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Burchfield P.M. (1975) Breeding the Colombian giant toad Bufo blombergi at Brownsville Zoo. International Zoo Yearbook, 15, 89-90

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Captive breeding toads Amphibian Conservation

A small, replicated study in 1973–1974 of captive Colombian giant toads Bufo blombergi at Brownsville Zoo, USA (Burchfield 1975) found that toads reproduced successfully in captivity. Three months after being housed together, one male started calling and one of three females produced eggs. Of the few eggs that were fertile (separated prematurely by keepers), five hatched and two tadpoles survived metamorphosis, dying at day 68 and 173. The following year one female produced eggs that hatched into approximately 600 tadpoles. Five male and three female toads were housed together. Eggs were placed in spring water at 19°C and tadpoles in spring water with sphagnum moss.