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Individual study: Numbers of captivity permits issued for reptiles and amphibians increased from 1982 to 1990 in the Cape Province, South Africa

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Baard E.H.W. (1992) Is legal protection of reptiles and amphibians in the Cape Province contributing to their conservation? The Journal of the Herpetological Association of Africa, 41, 92

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Use legislative regulation to protect wild populations Amphibian Conservation

A study in 1987–1990 of permits issued for amphibians in the Cape Province, South Africa (Baard 1992) found that the number issued for scientific and educational use increased over the three years. The number issued increased from 100 in 1987 to 380 in 1990. Data were obtained from the governmental licensing authority, Cape Nature Conservation. Permits obtained by scientists from institutions requiring study material and institutions requiring specimens for display or breeding were included. Permits obtained by private individuals to keep species in captivity were not included.