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Individual study: The response of bird communities to thinning of Mediterranean maquis on the southern Spanish plateau, Ciudad Real province, Spain

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De La Montaña E., Rey-Benayas J.M. & Carrascal L.M. (2006) Response of bird communities to silvicultural thinning of Mediterranean maquis. Journal of Applied Ecology, 43, 651-659

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Manually control or remove midstorey and ground-level vegetation (including mowing, chaining, cutting etc) in shrubland Bird Conservation

A replicated, paired study in a mosaic of Mediterranean maquis, pasture and cropland in Ciudad Real province, Spain, in 2002-2003 (De La Montaña et al. 2006), found that 21 maquis stands where most shrubs and saplings were removed (but taller trees retained) supported greater densities of bird species of high European conservation concern than paired stands without vegetation removal. Such species included red-legged partridge Alectoris rufa, woodchat shrike Lanius senator and wood lark Lullula arborea. The authors note that all three species were fairly common in the study area. Stands were at least 12 ha in size and were cleared between two and ten years before birds were surveyed.