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Individual study: Successful rearing and release of bar-headed geese Anser indicus in Kashmir, India

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Qadri S.S. (1987) Attempted introduction of bar-headed goose through a new habitat. Environmental Conservation, 14, 264-265

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Artificially incubate and hand-rear wildfowl in captivity Bird Conservation

A replicated study in Kashmir, India (Qadri 2987), found that 25 of 30 bar-headed geese Anser indicus eggs transported from the UK to India were successfully raised to independence. One egg failed to hatch and four goslings died (two from choking and two from the disease afflotoxicosin). Eggs were incubated under foster parents and turned twice a day. Chicks were fed on ‘chick crumbs’ at first and then a mix of maize, wheat, soybean, fishmeal and supplements. Eleven goslings were released into a wetland reserve in Kashmir.