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Individual study: Translocation of 377 flightless young blue-winged teal Querquedula discors from Minnesota to Missouri resulted in no nesting birds remaining within five years

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Vaught R.W. (1964) Results of Transplanting Flightless Young Blue-Winged Teal. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 28, 208-212

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Translocate wildfowl Bird Conservation

A replicated study of the translocation of 377 flightless young and 14 adult blue-winged teal Querquedula discors from Minnesota, USA, to Missouri during 1956-1958 (Vaught 1964) found none had remained to nest at the two release sites by the spring of 1961. Rings were recovered from 2.3% of the released birds at the end of the year of release, suggesting high first year mortality rates. Surviving individuals appeared to migrate from the translocation site once capable of flight.