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Individual study: Supplementary feeding has mixed effects on winter survival of northern bobwhite Colinus virginianus in Oklahoma, USA

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Townsend D.E., Lochmiller R.L., DeMaso S.J., Leslie D.M., Peoples A.D., Cox S.A. & Parry E.S. (1999) Using Supplemental Food and Its Influence on Survival of Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus). Wildlife Society Bulletin, 27, 1074-1081

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Provide supplementary food for gamebirds to increase adult survival Bird Conservation

A controlled study on two 284 ha mixed-prairie sites in Oklahoma, USA, in 1992-6 (Townsend et al. 1999), found that northern bobwhites Colinus virginianus had higher winter survival in areas supplied with supplementary food in two out of four winters (19-31% survival of 423 fed birds vs. 3-13% of 396 controls), with lower survival in 1994-5 (11% of 200 vs. 22% of 188) and similar survival in 1995-6 (16% of 200 vs. 23% of 193). Twenty eight percent of seed in birds’ crops from the fed area consisted of supplementary food, compared with 6% in birds from the unfed area (783 birds examined). Food consisted of wheat, milo and millet provided in a 55 gallon barrel in the centre of each 8 ha section of the experimental area.