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Individual study: Dynamite used to successfully enlarge a nesting ledge for peregrine falcons Falco peregrinus in northern California

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Pagel J.E. (1989) Use of explosives to enhance a peregrine falcon eyrie. Journal of Raptor Research, 23, 176-178

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Provide artificial nesting sites for falcons Bird Conservation

A small before-and-after study in a pine forest in northern California, USA (Pagel 1989), found that a pair of peregrine falcons Falco peregrinus reproduced successfully following the enlargement of their nesting ledge through the use of ditching dynamite in December 1983. In 1984-8, 13 chicks fledged from the site (2.7 chicks/year), whereas all previous nesting attempts had failed due to eggs and chicks falling from the small ledge. The ledge was 36 m up on a dolomitic limestone cliff and the authors caution that only two of four sticks of dynamite used detonated and, had all four exploded, the ledge may have been destroyed. Previous attempts to enlarge the ledge with hand tools had not worked.