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Individual study: Techniques used to increase nesting of Canada geese

Published source details

Yocom C.F. (1952) Techniques used to increase nesting of Canada geese. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 16, 425-428

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Provide artificial nesting sites for wildfowl Bird Conservation

A replicated study in wetland habitats in Washington State, USA, in 1944-53 (Yocom 1952), found that 12 of 18 artificial nests made from willow were used by Canada geese Branta canadensis in 1944. Over the next four years, a further 13 nests of various types were placed in trees and by 1951 there were 53 available nests in the area. Twelve of these were inspected in 1951 and found to contain eggs. The author also states that placing logs on river islands increases their attractiveness to nesting geese, but no data was provided to support this.