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Individual study: Common loons Gavia immer use artificial islands for nesting in two small lakes in Minnesota, USA

Published source details

McIntyre J.W. & Mathisen J.E. (1977) Artificial islands as nest sites for common loons. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 41, 317-319

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Provide artificial nesting sites for divers/loons Bird Conservation

A small before-and-after study at two small lakes in Minnesota, USA (McIntyre & Mathisen 1977), found that common loons (great northern divers) Gavia immer used floating nesting platforms in 83% of breeding attempts in 1970-3, following their installation in 1970. Nesting success was 67%, compared with 60% for loons on four lakes with natural islands and older platforms (the number of nesting attempts is not given). However, no new territories were established at three additional lakes without loons after platforms were installed in 1970. Platforms were made from sedge mats and logs and anchored with concrete blocks between 3 m and several hundred metres from shore.