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Individual study: Electric fences increase nest survival in piping plover Charadrius melodus nests on beaches in North Dakota

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Mayer P.M. & Ryan M.R. (1991) Electric Fences Reduce Mammalian Predation on Piping Plover Nests and Chicks. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 19, 59-63

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Protect bird nests using electric fencing Bird Conservation

A replicated, controlled trial from 1986-1988 in wetlands in North Dakota, USA (Mayer & Ryan 1991) found that nest survival of 54 piping plover Charadrius melodus nests on four beaches protected by a combined wire mesh and electric fence (1.2 m high, designed to stop mammalian predators) was 71% higher than for 234 nests on 21 unfenced beaches. Chick survival and the fledging rate were 55% and 82% greater on fenced than unfenced beaches, but these increases were not significant.