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Individual study: Black rat Rattus rattus control may reduce egg predation by rats and increase reproductive success of Bonin petrel Pterodroma hypoleuca on Midway Atoll, USA

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Seto N.W.H. & Conant S. (1996) The effects of rat (Rattus rattus) predation on the reproductive success of the Bonin petrel (Pterodroma hypoleuca) on Midway Atoll. Colonial Waterbirds, 19, 171-185

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Control mammalian predators on islands for seabirds Bird Conservation

A replicated and controlled paired sites study in 1993-4 in six areas of shrubland on Sand Island, Midway Atoll, Hawaii, USA (Seto & Conant 1996), found that Bonin petrel Pterodroma hypoleuca reproductive success was higher in two out of three areas with black rat Rattus rattus removal (treatment sites), compared to paired control sites (65-92% success for 144 nests in treatment sites vs. 0-96% for 144 in controls). In addition, the number of nests that failed because of rat predation was significantly lower in treatment sites (overall, 41% of 17 failed nests in treatment areas were due to rats vs. 95% of 41 nests in control areas, 48 nests monitored at each site). Rats were controlled with the rodenticide Bromothalin dispensed from bait stations. The authors note that early in the 1993 breeding season, there was limited poisoning in the control sites as well, which may have resulted in higher than expected breeding success in these sites.