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Individual study: Invasive mammal eradication and control leads to native bird population recoveries on UK Overseas Territories

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Hilton G.M. & Cuthbert R.J. (2010) The catastrophic impact of invasive mammalian predators on birds of the UK Overseas Territories: a review and synthesis. Ibis, 152, 443-458

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Control mammalian predators on islands Bird Conservation

A 2010 literature review (Hilton & Cuthbert 2010) found that all five successful invasive mammal eradication and control programmes on United Kingdom Overseas Territories found native bird population recoveries and/or recolonisations following the programmes. Recovering species included seabirds and songbirds. The impacts of ten more eradication programmes have not been recorded or published, whilst a final eradication attempt (in the British Indian Ocean Territories) failed to remove black rats Rattus rattus. Eradicated/controlled species included pigs Sus scrofa, cats Felis catus, rats Rattus spp., dogs Canis familiaris and grey fox Dusicyon griseus.