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Individual study: Waterfowl respond positively to wetland restoration on Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Stevens C.E., Gabor T.S. & Diamond A.W. (2003) Use of restored small wetlands by breeding waterfowl in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Restoration Ecology, 11, 3-12

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Restore or create inland wetlands Bird Conservation

A replicated, controlled study in April 1998-1999 on Prince Edward Island, Canada (Stevens et al. 2003), found that six out of eight wildfowl species were found in significantly higher numbers in 22 restored wetlands than in 24 control (unrestored) wetlands. Four species also had significantly more broods at restored sites. Large wetlands, close to rivers and with a large proportion of cattails Typha spp. held more species than other sites. All sites were freshwater wetlands, 0.3-6.0 ha in size and restored sites were dredged, starting in 1990, to remove excess organic material.