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Individual study: Disturbance around a footpath does not impact on golden plover or dunlin reproductive success

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Pearce-Higgins J.W., Finney S.K. & Yalden D.W. (2007) Testing the effects of recreational disturbance on two upland breeding waders. Ibis, 149, 45-55

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Provide paths to limit the extent of disturbance Bird Conservation

A before-and-after study (Pearce-Higgins et al. 2007) using data from the same surveys as in (1) found that dunlin Calidris alpine occupancy within 200 m of the footpath increased by 50% following path re-surfacing in 1994 (35 birds seen before resurfacing vs. 57 afterwards). However, the authors caution that this was not a significant increase, probably due to small sample sizes. The study found no evidence that dunlin reproduction was adversely affected by disturbance around footpaths.